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Above view of the exhibit

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Welcome to the Cosi Adventure wiki!

Please note that his wiki is still under construction - many pages are lacking in content, or nonexistent at all!

Info About the Wiki

The Adventure wiki is a wiki for all things of or relating to the COSI Adventure exhibit. This wiki is made and maintained by Jamescu5, 7Snails, and BenU423.

Info About Adventure

Adventure: Valley of the Unknown, also known as Adventure, was an exhibit located in the right-wing of COSI. Exhibit development started in 1994 by Roto Entertainment and was completed in 1999. The exhibit was originally free of charge with general admission to the museum, but after closing from 2004 to 2011, admission cost four dollars for members and five for non-members. In 2016, COSI announced that the exhibit would close, this time permanently, on January 1st, 2017. This was to add a new dinosaur exhibit as a partnership with the American Museum of Natural History.


The explorer must go through puzzles to get into the locked observatory. The observatory is said to have the Treasure of Knowledge. The explorer finds three animal symbols for each of the four spirits they encounter. After inputting the symbols into the spirits, they give a "piece of the code," or a letter in the word SEEK. Once in the observatory, the spirits keep the explorer captive whilst they sing and dance. Once released, the explorer must solve more series of puzzles.